Win10 won't load - It stalls at the dots circling

  drpeppercan 19:30 05 Sep 2018

It loads only enough to show its dots-going-around animation, but then it never goes past that. And that's whether I have called it from the rEFInd loader or from the Live USB Installer drive. I decided to try again and wait longer on the Live USB Installer drive this time. It eventually loaded the repair tool. So the good thing is that I have access to using command lines in the Command prompt. I just need to find which command lines I can use to repair the MBR and or WBM (Windows Boot Manager). Anyone?!

Mind you, I already tried the Start-Up Repair tool. It said it was not able to repair it.

To give you some background on this situation: I just reinstalled Win10 in my 1Tb HD, then I installed Ubuntu 18.04 in my 125 Gb SSD. Somehow I ended up loosing my WBM as a choice in the list of drives in BIOS. For many days it was not much of a problem since I still could load Win10 via the GRUB loader. Then I installed a better loader: Tux4Ubuntu. Side note: Strangely this loader was opening GRUB when I chose Linux, as opposed to loading Ubuntu right up. I was recommended to have a booting partition not just on one drive, but both. Along with their respective booting files, including rEFInd. So I did that by booting off from an Ubuntu Live USB drive, ran Gparted (Partitions Editor), and copy the boot partition from HD drive, to the SSD drive. Now when loading Tux4Ubuntu, it also loads rEFInd among the choices. However, whether I choose to load Win10 from the choices in T4U or from rEFInd, Win10 stalls. Maybe I just have to wait long enough, as I did for Win10 Live USB drive.

But before I try that, since I already gained access to the Command promt, I figure I would take advantage of that and see if I can find a command line that could help repair the MBR and or WBM.

Specs: Acer Desktop, Predator G3-710, i5-6400, 16 ram enter link description here

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