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Win10 not loading, stuck in a loop.

  amonra 14:47 12 Aug 2016

This machine was running Win7, Downloaded Win 10 from the website, great, everything working OK. Went to instal my printers and scanner, then things started to go wrong. To cut a long story short, I am now in the position of having the machine boot up, goes through the motions, then exhibits a screen offering me a choice of keyboards ! Nothing I can do to make it change its mind. It's stuck in a loop and I can't find a way of altering it. Any suggestions will be gratefully received. How do I get into Safe mode, or break the loop ? If I had a Win10 disk I could go to "Repair" but with a straight download this is not possible. Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:20 12 Aug 2016

You can download and burn win 10 to DVD or USB from click here

  amonra 21:45 12 Aug 2016

Thank you FruitBat, d/loaded the file and will execute tomorrow when I get peace and quiet. Will let you know how things progress.............

  robin_x 22:08 12 Aug 2016

W8/8.1 and 10 are a pain in the ass to access advanced options.

Power down hard 4 or 5 times, by holding the power button, at the keyboard question, and Windows should get the message that you want the Advanced Boot Menu.

click here

It is also possible to enable Legacy Mode from Command Prompt

click here

  amonra 15:44 15 Aug 2016

Thank you Fruit Bat, I did as you said and "repaired" the installation, and everything is now back to normal. There must be thousands of people in the same boat without any installation disc. Could be a major problem later on ..........

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