Win XPhome sp2 wont work

  Demora 12:41 03 Feb 2006


2 days ago I used my pc to scan some pictures no problems. This morning I can't even get into windowsxp even with the XP CD. the keyboard wont let me choose 'safe mode. Checked the BIOS for boot options and changed to first boot cd etc still n joy.....I know the keyboard is working as before I even get to press 'delete' to access BOS I have to use a password. Thats fine.

Now what do I do?

I can take the Hard drive out and backup the stuff from the last month. (I backup normally to a 2nd hard drive) so if I have to 'kill isk' I can start over.



  Demora 08:56 04 Feb 2006

Additional Info.

The pc is 5 years old. I'm wondering if this could be just hard drive failure or a virus of some kind.. I finally got into windows (takes about half an hour to boot up) but nothing appears to run properly and programs just hang. ie word documents. won't open.



  Skyver 09:10 04 Feb 2006

What make is the hard-drive? Get a diagnostic tool from the manufacturers website and give it the once-over. This page is a bit out of date according to some of the version numbers (click here) but should link you to the latest downloads regardless.

  Demora 09:14 04 Feb 2006

Its a Western Digital 20 Gigabyte.

Thanks Skyver I'll give it a shot


  Demora 08:11 05 Feb 2006


I've run the hard drive dignostic and thats coming up fine. Not errors. I've also run virus and spyware checkers Nothing unusual coming up either

I'm thinking now it might be either a hardware failure somewhere or winXP has become corrupt IF its Xp then here is where I'm unsure of what to do.

I put in the cd and I cannot repair as a message comes up telling me the version I'm trying to install is older than the one on the pc I'm assuming then that I have to uninstall all the updates and SP2??????

Any Help would be greatlly appreciated.



  Gongoozler 08:43 05 Feb 2006

Hi Demora. It's very unlikely that this is a virus. The only time I've come across something like this was when my hard drive was corrupted by faulty RAM. On that occasion I had to fit the drive as slave in another computer to reformat it. I was then able to put it back into my computer and install Windows.

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