Win XP/ Win 98 Network

  Murielson 1 19:52 28 Dec 2007

Looking to set up home network for the first time and hoping that someone can steer me to where these questions have been answered before or to a site with all the details.

I now have 2 PCs at home, one running XP (me/office room) and the other Win 98 (daughter room). I would like to set up a network so that they can both access the internet and possibly share files/peripherals at a later date but the internet is the primary.

XP PC currently connected to Tiscali broadband through ADSL modem and Win 98 PC no internet connection but previously connected via ADSL modem and worked fine.

PCs physically separated by some distance so hopefully a wireless connection for them is possible. Also wireless from BT access would be good as the good lady would like to get rid of all wires traipsing up the stairs if possible.

As previously stated I am sure you guys have answered this question a thousand times but a link to suitable info would be most appreciated as searches fetch up loads of hits.

Thanks in advance.

  recap 21:01 28 Dec 2007

click here You can jump to section 4 if you already know how WiFi works.

  Strawballs 20:30 29 Dec 2007

Get modem/router setup using one of the XP machines then the win 98 machine will connect via wire or wireless by setting internet options to connect via LAN

  Murielson 1 18:17 01 Jan 2008

Thanks for the responses so far. I will obviously need a network card for the Win 98 PC which it does not have at the moment - could someone please advise what I need to look for to ensure compatability with an older PC.

I have info from belarc for this PC so can hopefully use this to get info on what motherboard etc is fitted.

  Strawballs 19:40 01 Jan 2008

Do you intend to go wireless or wired for the win98 machine?

  Murielson 1 19:46 01 Jan 2008

Looking at wireless all the way if the older machine can handle it.

Just had another look - it's a Gateway G7 450, Pentium 3 PC, circa 1999.

  Strawballs 20:12 01 Jan 2008

click here PCI card that works with 98

click here USB adapter that works with 98

  Murielson 1 11:11 06 Jan 2008

So if I get the USB adapter for the win 98 and a wireless router are there any compatability issues I need to watch out for? ie, Will the USB adapter linked require a specific type of router to work with it?

Looking at prices I might as well also get a router with an ADSL modem included so that I can then keep my Speedtouch 330 Tiscali Modem as a spare.

  Strawballs 00:59 07 Jan 2008

You will need to get a modem/router and take the speedtouch out and the adapters will work with any of the routers that I linked to. I have a Linksys router, Novatech own brand PCI wireless card in a desk top, a laptop with with builtin broadcom wireless card and a desktop connected by wire and all working fine.

  Murielson 1 16:40 07 Jan 2008

Thanks for the response again Strawballs.

I can't however find any links to routers unless I am missing something!!??

Looking at possible set ups it would benefit me to have the main PC hard wired to the router I believe so hoepfully they have the option of wireless or wired connection.

  Strawballs 22:11 07 Jan 2008

click here sorry any one of these will do you.

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