Win XP upgrade from WIn 98

  terendak_uk 11:45 10 Mar 2004

Checked prior posts...just got a variation query. My IT dept only offer WinXP Upgrade. Want to clean install XP in a Win 98SE PC, not upgrade. Unfortunately, I have only got a system restore disc ( HP BRIO...came with the system). I've format/clean - installed XP using upgrade discs before, but only on machines that had an original Win 98 disc. Can I use the restore disc when prompted for "evidence" of a previous WIn installation? Experience with other requests for "inserting Win 98 disc now" have failed when I had to use a restore disc. Be very grateful for advice.

  faintly curious 11:59 10 Mar 2004

It sounds to me that if you're having to use a Win98 disc during installation, then you are in fact upgrading the system, the files from both this disc and the XP upgrade disc are being used and therefore this is not in fact a 'clean install' as you describe it! I'm sure that your only options are to either upgrade or get hold of a full version of XP.

  leo49 12:17 10 Mar 2004

Sorry faintly curious but terendak_uk is correct in what he says and obviously knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

terendak_uk - see the relevant paragraph

"So what do you do if your OEM CD or Restore disk does not work as qualifying media?"

in the opening section

click here

  terendak_uk 12:49 10 Mar 2004

"So what do you do if your OEM CD or Restore disk does not work as qualifying media? One neat new feature of XP allows one to get around this problem. First, start the XP clean install from within an existing qualified install rather then from the XP CD or from a DOS prompt. When you see the screen that ask what type of install to do, change “Upgrade (Recommended)” to “New install.” You can then select the existing partition, format it, and do a Clean Install, never having to insert your qualifying product CD."
the above from site you recommended. Be grateful for clarification of what constitutes a " existing qualified install......"
Many thanks

  leo49 13:27 10 Mar 2004

When you do as in the paragraph quoted above,the XP disc "reads" the necessary license info from the existing OS to check it's qualification[as opposed to popping in the original OS CD for the same purpose].

In your case you have an existing licensed 98 installation which meets the criteria as listed below the opening paragraph on the webpage I previously pointed out.

  leo49 13:33 10 Mar 2004

PS. I've done this upgrade on several 98 and ME "restore disc" installations and it does work fine.The only slight drawback is that should the need arise to reinstall XP, then you'll have to "borrow" a 98 CD to temporarily install before obliterating it with your Upgrade XP disc in a clean install.

  terendak_uk 13:45 10 Mar 2004

still not sure what it means by stating "....from within an existing qualified install....". How do I do this? Do I need to start the PC and once the desktop is ready, place the UPG XP Cd into the CD player and go from there?

  leo49 13:50 10 Mar 2004

Exactly.Start your PC so that Windows loads as normal - once at the Desktop slip in the CD which should Autorun and away you go. Do read the options very carefully.

  terendak_uk 13:57 10 Mar 2004

Many thanks for your time and advice, Leo49

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