Win XP Upgrade - failing to install

  clemenza 17:38 13 Jul 2003

Have just had to get a new motherboard & cpu, otherwise all my stuff is the same as my previously perfectly working system.

Am trying to install Windows XP upgrade on top of successfully installed Win98SE, but it always comes to a full stop at:

Windows is analysing your setup (above a stripy line)

then the line goes solid and it says "Please wait..."

.......FOR EVER!?

It's always worked fine before, any ideas please?


  Rayuk 19:00 13 Jul 2003

Its always best to start the instal from the WinXP cdrom during instal it will ask you to put in your Win98 cdrom just for proof that it is an upgrade.

What happens if you reboot at this junction?

  Rayuk 19:02 13 Jul 2003

Sorry slight error there.
Meant to say best to instal WinXP without any previous os already installed.

  clemenza 19:05 13 Jul 2003

Thanks Ray.

I'm intalling onto a formatted hard drive and can't get the upgrade disk to 'work' without Windows already installed - hence have to install Win98SE first.

Have you any answer to this prob?

  Steven135 21:47 13 Jul 2003

I had a problem putting xp on my daughters machine in the end I removed all the cards except the graphics card and it fanally went ahead.

Installed the other cards no problem.

  madPentium 00:50 14 Jul 2003

one big problem xp seems to have with some motherboards is the bios virus protection. It prevents any access to the boot sector. Look in your bios and make sure anything to do with trend chipaway (think thats its name) is disabled.

  Djohn 02:07 14 Jul 2003

If as you say the drive is formatted, then go into BIOS, and set your CD Drive as the first bootable drive. Insert the up-grade XP and follow instructions for a clean install.

Shortly after the install starts you will be asked to insert your qualifying disk [98se]. Your PC will scan it and ask you to remove, then replace XP. The install will then continue. j.

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