Win XP - Swapfile / Multitasking

  Dreamingman 21:13 22 Jan 2003
  Dreamingman 21:13 22 Jan 2003

Can anyone offer an alternative solution to that of hobbling my PC with a 200MB swapfile, in order just to run an interactive CDROM, designed for Win 98 latest?

I need a much larger swapfile for multitasking and certain other Apps / Games I frequently use. I prefer not to be constantly re-setting my swapfile either. I have a fixed swapfile of reccommended 766Mb on a dedicated partition on my 2nd HDD at present. I tried adding a small swapfile to C: drive, but that didn't help.

My PC specs:

WindowsXP, P4 2GHz, 256Mb Ram, 2 HDDs, GeForce4 Ti4200.

Thanks for any pointers!

  duckers 22:04 22 Jan 2003

did you know....
If you set the minimum and maximum page size to the same,, ie 768MB, the swap file is never moved on the disk as it never needs to be reallocated,, so as it can have contiguous space access to it may run a little faster,,, its prolly also worth doing a defrag after you set this up.
As for your prob no idea,, its XP, but its still windows, same old problems but now you can tell MS about it instead of your PC showing a blue screen... Hmm,, I cant believe were still paying for this c**p.... ... ..

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  RoG47 22:21 22 Jan 2003

Why have your swap file so small for X\P. I have mine at 1.5 gig min and max on my slave hard drive, I have only 256 of 133 sdram.

I think the 2x or 2 1/2 times refers to win9X and not X\P.

I also do not have a swap file on C drive.

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