Win XP - Setup - no hard drive found

  swapper 22:05 19 Apr 2003

I have been trying, with help from this forum, to Repair my Win xp.
When I get to "Welcome to Setup" screen, At "To setup WindowsXP now, press ENTER" and do this. the response is "Unable to find a hard drive"(or similar wording) F3 to quit."
I am having problems with my registry, but why can't Windows find the HD, is it because it is NTFS? and if so, how can I resove this without reformating etc?..........please

  Legolas 22:15 19 Apr 2003

Go into the BIOS and make sure the drive is being recognized.

  swapper 22:42 19 Apr 2003

I'm sorry I was not more clear :-( my PC is still running up to a point. I messed with the registry, and the restore does not work. In "Start" "All programs" all my programs are there, but a lot of them show as MT, although I can start them from "My computer" "C" Windows, programs.
At "Start" Help and Support is showing but will not open either.

  spikeychris 22:48 19 Apr 2003

Evening swapper. What exactly is the wording?


  Philip2 23:07 19 Apr 2003

Have you got jumper on your HDD set to cable select when it should be set to master???

  spikeychris 23:24 19 Apr 2003

The wording is important but click here and try the options of creating a temporary file structure.

Pulling the plug.........


  swapper 08:08 20 Apr 2003

When I switch on I notice that it does say Primary drive - IC and numbers
Slave - none

At Windows Home Edition Set up - it installs a lot of files.
when I press enter I am given the option 3 options.
1. To set up Windows XP now, press Enter.
2. To repair a Window XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.
3. To quit Setup without installing Windows XP press F3.

When I press Enter I get :-

Set up did not find any HD's installed on yopur computer.

Make sure any HD's are powered on and properly connected to your computer and that any disk related hardware configuration is correct.
This may involve running a Manufacturers diagnostic or set up programme.
Setup cannot continue, press F3.

I don't understand this, because my new PC (Aug last year) has been running perfectly with Win XP right until the time I (like a £$%^&) interfered with registry, I didnt just interfere, I deleted the lot :-((((( I know.....

  rickf 08:24 20 Apr 2003

If you have deleted the registry I think the only option is to reformat and reinstall wins XP. Its a pain but I think it is your only option so that you can have a clean comp again. Others more experienced may have better less tedious options. If it were me I would start again and have the secure knowledge that I have a clean comp.

  temp003 09:28 20 Apr 2003

You may need to install a driver for your hard disk controller during XP Setup. This is quite a common problem, whether it is yours I don't know.

After you boot from the XP CD, when the XP Setup screen first appears, there's a prompt at the bottom asking you to Press F6 to install hard disk controller or SCSI drivers. Press F6 immediately. Files will continue to load, but in due course you will be asked to insert a floppy for the relevant disk controller driver.

This applies to my Promise ATA-100 disk controller. This may also apply to other similar devices such as RAID.

You may be able to find the driver on your motherboard CD.

It seems you are still able to boot into XP. Go to Device Manager and see if there is an item like SCSI and RAID controllers. This is just a generic name. I have this item even though I don't have SCSI or RAID. Expand it to see what is in there, and find out what the driver files are. That will help you on what to look for on the motherboard CD.

Then copy the exact folder structure from the CD to a floppy, and use the floppy to install the driver during XP Setup.

If this is your problem you may find it a bit of a pain to locate the driver and create the floppy, but persevere. Even if you decide to reformat and reinstall XP, you will still need the floppy.

  spikeychris 09:41 20 Apr 2003

Agree with temp003, the error message does point to the Disk controller.

  swapper 10:39 20 Apr 2003

You guys(and dolls?) are brilliant, I will give this a try, (re disk controller) I don't mind persevering with this, coz its bugging me now :-)
Its probably the easiest to reformat, but I am learning a lot from you, and I have the patience, if you have

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