win xp on second pc

  Ballie 20:50 17 Jan 2005

my pc has win xp on which is an upgrade from win 98 I have both the win 98 cd and the code and the win xp upgrade disc.

my question is I have built a second pc for my daughter (out of old bits from mine when I upgraded) can I put my xp disc in and use my win 98 cd code (as I did on mine)to give my daughters pc an operating system or when I connect to register xp will I get in trouble for putting it on 2 pc's. can microsoft tell if one copy of windows is on 2 different pc's?

  Graham ® 20:53 17 Jan 2005

The answer to your last question is yes. It is, however, alleged, that you could install 98.

  Ballie 20:57 17 Jan 2005

I have actually got 2 different copies of windows 98 with 2 different product key codes - will it be possible for me to use a different win 98 product key code than the one used on my pc and still use my win xp upgrade disk? Or do I have to buy another win xp upgrade disk?

  Dorsai 21:16 17 Jan 2005

You will need to activate the second install of XP, I assume, within 30 days.

If you don't do this on the daughters PC, it will stop working, i assume. Xp normally does this to stop piracy.

When you try to activate it, Msoft will notice that the last time this product key for XP was activated, it was activated on a completely different PC.

The activation will, almost 100% guaranteed, fail, and the daughters PC will end up unusable, until you install a unique/new Copy of Windows on it.

You also run the risk that Msoft will disable your XP product key. Then the next time your PC connects to Msoft, it too will be deactivated. You now will now have 2 unusable PC's!

It's illegal , and it's theft. So I believe.

As the 'thing' being 'stolen' belongs to Msoft, it is perfectly understandable that they will stop the 'stolen thing' from working.

You can try, and end up needing to buy 2 proper copies of XP, or buy one copy for the other PC.

Your choice, your risk. I don't think it will work, and I think it will end up costing you twice as much. Rather than need one copy of XP for the Daughters PC, you will end up needing one copy for ach PC.


  TomJerry 21:32 17 Jan 2005

click here, you are qulify for it because you have a new PC

what you want to do can be done technically, but it is illegal and this is not the place to ask for information

  Ballie 21:53 17 Jan 2005

Thanks for the info, I didn't think it would be illegal because it would still be on one of my pc's but I can see what you are saying I do not want to get into trouble or get my pc's copy of xp disabled so I think is best if I buy a new copy of xp but can I buy the win98/xp upgrade and use my win 98 key code or is that wrong to?

  Ballie 22:02 17 Jan 2005

I can see that the link you gave my for xp oem is a good price but is the oem the full version of xp but with out a fancy box?

  mattyc_92 22:06 17 Jan 2005

Yes it is (so I heard!!) Thats why it is cheaper... :)

  freaky 22:06 17 Jan 2005

I am reasonably certain that if you install your copy of Win98 on your daughters computer, and then purchase an XP upgrade and use that to upgrade her computer, then you will have no problem in activating it.

  TomJerry 22:16 17 Jan 2005

but, no fancy box and no support (who need it anyway when you can come here), also you need to buy it with a new PC (you alrwady have)

it is actually cheaper than upgrade

  Ballie 22:28 17 Jan 2005

sorry to go on about but just one last thing, does that mean I can go to ebuyer and buy it even though I did not get my pc from them, I do need to buy some sdram pc133 512mb as well so will that allow me to get the xp oem from them? I presum that you just set you pc to boot from cd and away you go?

Thankyou all for the help.

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