Win XP Search Facility vagary!

  Chris the Ancient 15:44 29 Jan 2004

I think it's recent - but wouldn't swear to it!

On my wife's 'puter - running XP - a 'funny' thing happens each time she uses the Start/Search/For Files or Folders. The main search window opens then (every time) a dialog box labelled "Windows Installer" and a message within saying "Preparing to install..." pops up a random number of times (anything between one and four). I can hear the floppy drive hunt each time as well.

What is it trying to install - successfully or not? Mine doesn't do it. Why is hers doing it? How do I stop it?

AdAware gives a clean sweep. AVG says all is OK.

I've looked in msconfig sevices and most of that looks pretty strange gobbledegook to my eyes!

Please stop a poor, weary old man going completely round the twist.

I may not reply immediately, I'm in and out of the house this afternoon - but I'll keep checking in.



  johnnyrocker 15:48 29 Jan 2004

how about using sytem restore to a last known good working setting?


  Chris the Ancient 15:53 29 Jan 2004

Tried going back a little way, but to be honest, I'm not sure how far back the anomaly goes - and if it was consequent to anything being installed. Because it is a relatively seldom used facility (by her) It could have been there like that for 2-3 months even!



  johnnyrocker 16:09 29 Jan 2004

in that case why not run a scandisk? providing you have the disk with sp1 type/ run sfc /scandisk?


  torver 16:19 29 Jan 2004

don't just try adaware use another like spybot as they will each find files the other misses

  ventanas 16:23 29 Jan 2004

Is it possible that the animated dog has been changed to one that is not available, and Windows is trying to install the missing character.

  Chris the Ancient 16:28 29 Jan 2004


Good thought. Can't get to her 'puter at the moment, she's using it - but will try later.


I shall also try that. I have both on my machine - but only AdAware on hers. Usually, I run AdAware first and, so far, not really had something not picked up that Spybot found subsequently. But, I'll try anything!

Will report back later.

In the meantime... any more ideas out there?


  Chris the Ancient 19:57 29 Jan 2004

Whoops - wasn't ignoring you. I had to dash out just after I posted the last reply.

I've never seen the animated dog! Tell me more (and how it would be removed).

  Chris the Ancient 19:59 29 Jan 2004

Have done an sfc /scannow. Took agaes, there were so many bent bits.

Loaded and ran spybot. Humble pie time - it found 11 more items that AdAware had missed.

But, still the same problem exists.

Any more thoughts while I go and eat? It's warmed up a bit and is still unpalatable!

Or H-e-e-l-l-p-p!

  ventanas 21:42 29 Jan 2004

Just a long shot, but when you open the search facility there is a dog at the bottom. It is possible to change this to another character, and if you have Office installed all the Office assistants are available, but they do not all install by default. If you choose one that is not there Windows will probably look for the Office disc.

You can change the character by clicking Change Preferences with the first lot of search options.

  Chris the Ancient 21:53 29 Jan 2004

I'm confused }8|

I'm in XP, using Start/Search/For Files or Folders. I have Office 2000 installed on the 'faulty' machine and Office XP on the other.

Neither search box has a dog in it!


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