win xp refresh rate cap?

  dontaskme 00:49 14 Feb 2003

i remember reading ages ago that win xp limits the refresh rate. it didn't affect me as i didn't have a working graphics card.

has microsoft fixed it? how do i fix it if they haven't?

  powerless 00:55 14 Feb 2003

Service Pack One, i think.

click here

I know i can change my refresh rate.

  cream. 01:05 14 Feb 2003

dontaskme. Yes it seems to give the refresh rate only 60 hertz.

I was able to up mine to 85 hertz with a 5 year old 17" philips monitor.

All I had to do was right click the desktop, pick settings and then advanced. I then picked the monitor tab and then increased the screen refresh rate a bit at a time. When it reached 85hertz. I stopped.

It did give me the option to go to 120hertz, but I don't want to push my luck. lol

  Djohn 01:08 14 Feb 2003

dontaskme, How could you see what you was doing without a "working graphic card" :o)

  Djohn 01:10 14 Feb 2003

Oh! and why I'm here, Good morning to you as well, Hamlett! ;o)

  Acid Burn7uk 02:53 14 Feb 2003

I have a windows utillity toolkit here, which contains something called the NVRefresh tool, which supposedly fixed this. Try searching on google or something as I think it is free!

  PSF 08:09 14 Feb 2003

It has not been fixed yet, the problem is with games you have the fixed refresh rate of 60hz.

With a normal desktop you can change your reolution to what you want.

I use NVrefresh tool and normaly set all at 85hz.

click here Download this tool you only need to run it once every time you change your drivers.

  tran1 09:39 14 Feb 2003

You can alter the refresh rate VIA desktop properties but as soon as you load a game, the refresh rate will drop back down to the defualt 60 Hertz. If you play a lot of games for long periods, you will soon get the ocassional headaches and sore eyes.

I use a program called Refresh Force which will keep the refresh rate at specified rates.
click here

  bow1 11:30 14 Feb 2003

The problem is fixed with the latest nvidia drivers. It has a refresh rate overide in the advanced section.

  Lead 11:41 14 Feb 2003

It does, but they didn't work for me. Not saying it won't work for you, but I use NVrefresh tool and it works flawlessly.

  « Ravin » 12:15 14 Feb 2003


thanks for the link..been having problems with a flickering screen while playing games

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