Win XP rebooting - NOT the usual suspects but CPU?

  Christopher Lewis 12:41 13 Mar 2005

I have a CPU that I want to sell on eBay with a clear conscience, but when I put it in my PC Windows XP Home reboots at seemingly random, but short, intervals. There is a blue screen of death displayed for a fraction of a second, and then the machine restarts, giving me the option of reporting the serious error to Microsoft.

I've read several forums that suggest going to Control panel>system>advanced>startup & recovery and unticking "automatic restart". I have done this but with no change in the PCs behaviour. I have also turned off all the Start-up programs, and disconnected all but the critical devices, with no change.

I am very puzzled because another CPU of identical type (AMD XP 2600+ 266MHz FSB) in the same machine runs fine - days on end running [email protected] and Windows Media Player, no obvious overheating of CPU, PSU or HD, all Windows functions appear OK, Norton Antivirus, Ad-aware and Spybot show no problems. I even deliberatly turned down the CPU fan and watched the temperature slowly rise. The MBM5 alarm went off, but the system still behaved OK.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Might this CPU be OK on another mainboard - mine is an MSI KM2M Combo?


  Ravenaven 13:11 13 Mar 2005

You might get some clues from Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer. If there's an error logged, clicking on it will get you an help page. These vary in usefulness.

I've got BSOD problems which I'm pretty sure are linked to the graphics card/driver. I also suspect that some components just don't work well together.

Don't believe there's anything easy sorting out this sort of thing and I wish you luck.

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