Win XP Quandry! and apology

  speedbird_zero1 12:49 24 Jan 2006

Hi All this has no doubt been asked so many times in the past but i am absolutly confused. I currently have a PC running Win 98 Se i want to go to XP, without buying a new PC. What exactly do i buy? I dont think i want to upgrade but i am still left with 2 choices, OEM or Retail? what the hell is the difference? as there is a big difference in price. What are the advantages / disadvantages of eack one . What ever i read i get conflicting advice, I am not the most PC litterate person so i would appreciate any advice in plain english.
Many thanks,

  SG Atlantis® 13:00 24 Jan 2006

oem is meant to be for new computers so ya can't have that.

So you have the choice of retail upgrade or retail fullpackage.

  PsiFox 13:00 24 Jan 2006

The OEM version is meant for system builders and is meant to be installed on one pc only ever.

If you change the pc you should purchase a new OEM copy. Additionally sellers of this version should only sell this if you buy hardware as well.

The retail version differs that if you install it on one machine and later put together anotheryou may uninstall it from the first andthen re install on a new system.

Bear in mind you may need to find XP drivers for some of the hardware inside the PC

  mattyc_92 13:02 24 Jan 2006

Yes you will need the Upgrade option

OEM is a FULL version of a program, but can not be "transfered" onto another system. So the lisence for the program dies with the system.

Retail, is more expensive as you can transfer the lisence to another system if you wish.

Hope that clears things up

  silverous 13:13 24 Jan 2006

retailers selling the OEM version with things like 'a mouse' as the criteria was that it had to be sold with hardware.

I thought that had been tightened up but I'm sure I got an email from Misco or someone recently offering an OEM O/s with a cable/mouse.

  silverous 13:19 24 Jan 2006

click here

But I note that they are now clarifying 'For System Builders Only'. What constitutes a system builder?

  SG Atlantis® 13:25 24 Jan 2006

read the FE's blog click here

you cannot install oem windows on anything other than a brand spanking new computer. Anything else and it has to be a retail version.

You don't have to buy any hardware anymore with OEM, you can buy OEM on it's own! However MS state that it's for a new computer only and that it dies with the machine...

I'll see if I can find the threads debating this...

  SG Atlantis® 13:27 24 Jan 2006
  silverous 13:33 24 Jan 2006

...they appear to be sticking to the 'must be with hardware' bit as they are flogging it with a hard disk cable.

I'd also be surprised if many system builders were buying their XP via Misco (although I guess maybe small, high street shop type builders might be), although I guess end users are counted as system builders if they are building a brand new PC? I'm still not clear on that point as FE's blog seems to say that home users aren't system builders, but what is the definition of a system builder? Perhaps this is for another thread of discussion.

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