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  milkybarkid 23:06 23 May 2005

My pals PC needs re-formating but he has either lost is Win XP disk or was not supplied one in the first place. He has a Packard Bell laptop from PC world so he may have been given a sys.restore disk. The laptop has a Win XP Home product code stuck to it. Can I use MY XP Home disk to reformat and then use his Prod. Code?

  Technotiger 23:25 23 May 2005

Hi, I don't think think this is possible. If I am wrong no doubt others here will soon say so.


  Pooke100 23:49 23 May 2005

maybe would work but device drivers etc may be an issue as the system restore disk would have had all those on it, would HDD tattooing be an issue as well?

I am not sure as I don't know much about the subject.

Cue for someone else to jump in!

  powerless 00:26 24 May 2005

More than likely wouldn't work as they'll be OEM'ers.

  Strawballs 00:32 24 May 2005

Did he get a restore floppy as the restore may be on a seperate partion on the harddrive and the floppy will get you to it.
There is a way of making a disk from this partion but I have formatted recently and forgot to save favourites maybe someone else can help here.

  rsturbo 03:44 24 May 2005

they have a driver download section, click here so install xp with your disc, download drivers, and install drivers, or you may even be able to get them if you can connect to internet and use winupdate?

pc world also sell these restore discs but they can be up to £50 but as cheap as £5

the restore discs can be created (once only from the pb folder in the program files folder - start - program files - pb) we have a pb desktop and did this fine - as long as u have a cdr drive!
its to do with the licencing rules for oem manufacturers (the bigger ones not the small independent).

  milkybarkid 08:34 24 May 2005

Thanks RSturbo for the info and that may well save me some time restoring the drivers. However, I am still a bit unsure as to whether I can use MY Win XP Home disk with his Prod. Code. There appears to be some conflict of opinion.
Sorry Pooke100, but what is HDD tattooing?

  zarobian 09:32 24 May 2005

Your Windows XP Home disk will not work with another product code if that what you are cofused about. You will have to use your product code for installation but be aware of product activation which you might have done on your own computer. I think Microsoft would like you to uninstall it from your computer first.

Your best bit is to use the Restore disk(s) supplied by the venders and select distructive option to reformat(if that what you want) and install OS to-gether with supplied drivers.


  Pooke100 10:01 24 May 2005

click here

That's an old thread on hdd tattooing I found in the archive, doesn't apply here anyway. As I said I don't know much about it.

Hope you get something sorted...


  jamesy74 10:59 24 May 2005

As long as you have a valid product key, then using your disc will work. The actual disc means nothing. When you insert your original windows disc it should hopefully give you the option of deleting the partion that PB would have put on it.
Remember to back up your data thoufh just incase you encounter any problems.

  dth 12:01 24 May 2005

If you use a retail XP disc it will not work with the your friends XP number. You would have to use your number but would then not be able to activate it.

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