Win XP Pro and "Privileges"

  1832bchs 14:15 22 Oct 2003

I have a desktop and a laptop, both running WinXP Pro and wirelessly networked - no problems there.
However I have been trying to install Messenger 6.0 on the laptop and cannot complete the installation. The error message reads:

"The installer has insufficient privileges to access the directory C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger. The installation cannot continue. Log on as Administrator or contact your system administrator"

Can anyone tell me what this is all about? I am the only user of the machine and have not had this message with any other installation.

  wx622 14:29 22 Oct 2003

Check your user profiles stored on your PC.
Do this by right-clicking My Computer, select Properties, then click on the Advanced Tab. Click Settings under User Profiles. Check that there is not an unknown account, and if there is, delete it.

Also, XP likes you to log in as an Administrator, not just a user with Administrative rights. The Administrator account should be built in (if you have done a clean install), but if you have a PC that came with XP on it, go into User Accounts in Control Panel, and create a new user account called 'Administrator' (with administrative rights), and use this account when installing your software.

  wizkidwall_03 14:38 22 Oct 2003

Win XP Pro and "Privileges
Have you tried right clicking the install program and select run as then type your user name and password if you are an administrator of course GOOD LUCK wizkid

  wx622 14:45 22 Oct 2003

The Run As command is not very well designed. Most of the time, XP will come back with a message saying that the location of the file you are trying to run is invalid. If you must try this out, run 'runas' from a Command prompt:

(Use following syntax)

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>>RUNAS /user:[email protected] LocationOfSetupFile

Then type in your password, and away you go...

  1832bchs 14:57 22 Oct 2003

wizkidwall_03 and wx622

thanks for your suggestions, have to go to work now but will try them out later and post back.

  1832bchs 15:32 31 Oct 2003

Late posting back iI know. None of above suggestions have solved the problem but since it is only the one install that is affected I guess I can live with it.

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