Win XP Pro Fails To Boot?

  WOLF2020 13:44 28 May 2004

I'm running win XP Pro and have just done a complete re-format, the problem is that when I shut down my pc it won't reboot immediately(I don't mean by using the restart option as this works). The only way that I can get up and running again is to isolate all power to the pc for an hour or 2 and then repower up and the pc boots immediately. If I try to start up without doing this the screen just remains blank, there are no bleeps from the pc or anything. Everything loaded correctly at the setup stage after reformatting but I can't seem to get rid of this problem.

  Fruit Bat 16:42 28 May 2004

Try checking your power management settings both in BIOS and windows control panel.

  pic-ed 17:47 28 May 2004

I had a similar situation with my Medion Pentium 4. It would start, show the Pentium 4 logo and stop dead. Nothing I did would allow me to shut down or move forward.

Eventually Medion helpline came up with this:

Switch off all power, if neccessary unplug the mains cable from the back of the machine (don't just try to switch it off on the normal power button on the front of the machine. When all power source is disconnected, press and HOLD FOR A FULL MINUTE the power button on the front of the machine. Then realease this button, plug the power cable back in then push the button again to start the machine as usual.

To my amazement it worked! There has been no recurrence of the problem. Seems a bit like voodoo! But it worked.

Best of luck.

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