Win XP PC Keeps Shutting Down

  User-C537C34B-9BDA-4A42-98089F7C4480917B 16:11 30 Apr 2004

My MESH Matrix 2600 AV PC is now unusable. Bought it recently and right from the start it wouldn't shut down properly. I always had to turn off the master power switch at the back - otherwise the fans, which sound like hairdryers on steroids, just kept running. Then it started shutting down on its own and couldn't be restarted without a complete back-panel power-off followed by a power-on. This usually happened when the computer was busy - especially if something was happening to system files (eg. virus check). So, following the MESH tech staff's instructions, I attempted to perform various rescus procedures involving refreshing and later unloading XP, only to render the PC unusable because it kept shutting down half-way through the file update/copy process. Note that the main operating system (C) partition has now been formatted several times and, despite the early worry that I was hit by a virus, I think I stick by my guess that this is hardware-related, shoddy build, crap fans and power supply (surges causing shut-downs?), incurrect jumpers (?) and poor testing standards. I can't find anything in the BIOS about this. But, I am a bit of an amateur in all of this so I just don't know. I really don't want to spend six weeks waiting for it to go back to base and come back again...Help?!

  Rayuk 18:24 30 Apr 2004

Reject the pc if it hasnt worked from the start,if you start messing about on your own back they might then hold this against you.

  johnnyrocker 18:26 30 Apr 2004

money back and shop elsewhere.


  flash2002 20:32 30 Apr 2004

Quote "I am a bit of an amateur in all of this so I just don't know"

you not qualified to start pointing the finger then are you?

shoddy build? is there screws missing? bits hanging off? what reason do you have to believe this? unfortunately componants can become faulty after any amount of time, this is not necessarilly the fault of the manufacturer and is usually totally beyond their control.

people are always too quick to slag off manufacturers, build your own machine and then you can come on heard and say how crap you are!.

if anyones still reading which i really doubt, that feels so much better to get that off my chest. no offence intended thecos.

something to think about though, all you moaners.


  stalion 20:42 30 Apr 2004

have you had a bad day.Regards

Cheers - back it goes. Incidentally, I have built my own PC in the past - extremely badly! But for all the time I've spent mucking about with old PC components, this really stumped me. Anyway, seems like common sense says leave it alone and let MESH sort it out. I'll do that - thanks again.

  darkdestroyer64 17:38 01 May 2004

is it cooling its self ok? ie cool air being circulated where it needs it?

...but, given the noise the thing makes, I would have thought so. I've had a look at it with the cabinet opened. Its tidy, cables tied etc, and all the fans work. I think the air is being circulated OK - and there is no difference in its behaviour when its newly started and when its been running a while.
I wonder whether this is an APM/ACPI problem. My (AMI) BIOS version doesn't allow me to disable ACPI so I am obviously tempted to upgrade the BIOS if I can. However, its under warranty and I'm obviously a bit reluctant to mess around too much. I'm also worried that I might have got a CMOS worm - I'm looking for removal tools that run under DOS so I can make sure. I'll keep looking at it until MESH get the return labels to me, but then its in the post to them...

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