Win Xp Password Protection

  [DELETED] 10:50 12 Oct 2003

Hi all,
I have got Win Xp home on my Laptop.

Because I have a lot of personal info on my Laptop ( bank details, insurance policy numbers etc etc), I have protected access by using a password in case it gets stolen.

My question is this how safe/good is the password system on WIN XP?

If the worst happens and my laptop was stolen how easy is the password protection for a thief / hacker to get past?

  rawprawn 12:01 12 Oct 2003

I don,t think it would be very difficult, I have a similar problem & I try to store all private details like that on a CD. I also have a program called Hide Folders XP which does give added security click here

  [DELETED] 12:09 12 Oct 2003

there is software on the internet that will break passwords and is foc, for general people you would be ok but be aware

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