Win XP Outlook Express

  krall 20:08 25 Nov 2004

I am having difficulty opening Sent Items window as cursor seems to lock up. I run SP2 but all was OK until recently.Any help much appreciated.
P.S. INBOX, OUTBOX etc are all running.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:12 25 Nov 2004

Is the sent box too full? This has been known to cause problems.

If it is, you can either delete some of the emails in it or create a sub folder and put most of them into it.

  krall 20:25 25 Nov 2004

Thanks, Diodorus Siculus
How can I get in this folder to see how full it is? This may sound silly But I simply have no clue!!

  krall 20:31 25 Nov 2004

Diodorus Siculus.
Just discovered tatal is 42. Is this too many. Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:35 25 Nov 2004

No, 42 is not too many! 4,200 might be verging on too many...

Try click here
Repair IE which may help...

  krall 14:43 26 Nov 2004

Diodorus Siculus
Many thanks for suggestion, tried both methods without success.

  Graham ® 15:11 26 Nov 2004

Try putting them all in a new folder, as per

click here

If this works, delete the old folder.

  krall 16:12 29 Nov 2004

Sorry about delay in responding earlier but its been a bit of a struggle! I am unable to put them in another folder simply because I cannot open the original folder. I have managed to do so now by doing the following. I opened the folder c:\Program Files\Outlook Express and noted 2 files msimn and msimn(2). On clicking the former I encountered the same problem, but on clicking the msimn(2) file all is in order. I then transferred a shortcut of this file to the desktop and clicking on this gives me access to the SENT ITEMS window. I am still unable to access the Sent Items if I open OE from the STARTUP MENU!!
I thought I'll try deleting msimn from the Progam File folder and replace it with msimn(2) but it will NOT delete. I do not fancy a reinstall of WINXP if I can help it. Any suggestions most welcome. Incidentally, I have uninstalled SP2 as I suspect the problem started after that install. Kind regards.

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