Win XP OS- Do you give Disc to customer

  mags65 11:55 24 Oct 2005

A question about this as my knowledge of these things is limited. For those of you who custom build for others, do you give the customer the original disc for the operating system you installed in their machine? Reason I ask is that anyone I know who has had a comp built for them, never seems to have the original windows XP disc. If I was doing one for a friend I would be inclined to include the cost of this in the price and then give them the disc as part of their package. Are some custom builders then, illegally installing operating systems on various machines or is there a legal way around this. If you have to install and register/activate windows to one particular machine....what is the point of keeping the disc, rather than just giving it to the customer.
Also If someone has a comp full of viruses and would like their hdd wiped and the OS reinstalled, how do you do it without the disc copy of the OS they already have?
This may seem like basic stuff to most on here but I dont want to bugger up anyones computer if they ask me to help them with HDD problems as some people have.
Thanks in advance.

  jimv7 12:14 24 Oct 2005

If its a new computer build, give them the disk and licence, its what you bought it for.

If its a repair, they should have their own disk or restore cd plus their own licence number.

  trackrat 1 12:15 24 Oct 2005

All the computers I build for friends or relatives are supplied with a disk with COA.
However due to a change in the rules about buying OEM OS software this is no longer possible.
So if I build one now I have to factor in the cost of a retail disk.
OEM manufacturers generally put the OS on a hidden partition and supply a recovery disk, which takes it back to the factory settings.

  pipedream 13:09 24 Oct 2005

What "change in the rules"? I purchased XP Home OEM from click here last week - as long as you buy it with a new PC or an "upgrade" piece of hardware e.g. hard drive, motherboard etc. you can still buy OEM versions as far as I know.

click here also sell it amongst others.

Some retailers will sell OEM software with smaller bits of hardware such as a mouse, but I think this may be pushing it a bit.

  pipedream 13:13 24 Oct 2005

Me again, just looked at CCL's site, and it appears that a mouse IS enough to qualify for buying an OEM version of XP - see click here

So maybe the rules have changed, but in the other (right) direction!

  alan227 13:17 24 Oct 2005

Pipedream take a look at this thread.
click here

  €dstowe 13:38 24 Oct 2005

I have all my work machines (PCs anyway) made for me to contain just what I want in them. I always get all the disks for the installed software. I wouldn't have it any other way.

A computer with no real way of recovery in the event of a catastrophic failure is not of much use to me - even though I always have comprehensive backups.

  ventanas 13:51 24 Oct 2005

No. If you bought your OEM version of Windows since 1st Sept, and it did not come PREINSTALLED on a new pc, then it is illegal. click here And about time.

  Skills 15:40 24 Oct 2005

Thanks for posting that link ventanas, I have always thought thought buying an OEM operating system seemed like a false saving to me. As it ment to die with the system it was installed on, at least with a retail copy you could transfer it to your new pc as long as it was uninstalled on the previous one.

  ventanas 16:44 24 Oct 2005

Exactly. I never use OEM and never will.

  DieSse 17:33 24 Oct 2005

To answer your original question - Yes, you should always give the CD to the client - and the booklet - and you are REQUIRED to stick the label onto the case. After all - they've paid for it!

All my past customers have their CDs.

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