Win XP new HDD install

  Belto 21:47 20 Nov 2012

My original Laptop HDD failed. I have replaced it and not being familiar with installation, made a mistake on using original XP Pro CD. Cannot access to install.I think I made an error on F2 and selected incorrect boot sequence. I get no response from HDD to get started again to format HDD. Have Imade a total and final error.Is there anyway back to reboot?

  onthelimit1 22:02 20 Nov 2012

Should be no problem to change the boot order so you can boot from the CD. What make/model is the laptop?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:06 20 Nov 2012

In BIOS set first boot device as DVD 2nd as HDD

save and exit(F10)

when winows installed and reby to reboot take the CD out of the drive.

  Belto 23:19 20 Nov 2012

A not very popular Style-Note Model No M67SU. I have installed a Samsung 2.5" SATA HDD

  Belto 23:22 20 Nov 2012

Thanks fruitbat but I cannot a response from the monitor, it will not boot

  lotvic 00:47 21 Nov 2012

Take out the CD and remove the hard drive.

Now switch on and you should get a message telling you it can't find a boot device.

Press power button in for about 10 secs to turn off laptop

Now try to access the BIOS. If you can get that far then you can change boot to CD first. Save change and exit. Press power button in for about 10 secs to turn off laptop

Next put Hard drive in and power up, eventually you should get same message of no boot device (because there is no CD in and no op sys on HDD) Make sure bios has recognised the new HDD or when you do boot from install XP CD it won't have anywhere to install to.

  lotvic 00:48 21 Nov 2012

Obviously you switch power on and off between above as necessary...

  Belto 09:27 21 Nov 2012

Thanks Lotvic, Removed CD, battery,removed HDD. Replaced Battery switched on, blank monitor Pressed button to turn off, Pressed on button for 10 secs, no response from monitor.


  lotvic 13:50 21 Nov 2012

Are you saying not even the bios shows or anything? there is no display at all not even a flicker? try moving the lid to see if it comes on. If not then you have a problem with laptop monitor. have you tried it with mains power? Do other lights come on?

Next to try is an external monitor if you have one.

  Terry Brown 14:34 21 Nov 2012

First- Do you get any response from the lapytop at all-- Noise-Beeps-lights, etc.?

If the answer is NO then you have a problem with the power supply connections.

If YES, then you need to carefully remove the HDD again and check the connections to the monitor, Are they secure or have you accidently disturbed them, when changing the HDD.

If they are OK, the next step is to check all internal components (including Memory); If you do not feel confident about this I strongly advise asking someone with more experience to assist you.


  lotvic 14:53 21 Nov 2012

For the future: Another point to remember is always use mains power when installing a new op sys.

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