Win XP and Nero5.5 compatibility

  brian132 15:28 15 Aug 2003

I have searhed the archives but could not find anything on this. My question - I am about to buy the CD ROM Nero 5.5. Is it compatible with Win XP or will I have to make any changes to my System? When I tried it several years ago with Win Me there were a few problems.

  struggle8 15:44 15 Aug 2003

yes I have nero 5.5 run ok here

  anchor 15:49 15 Aug 2003

Yes, Nero 5.5 is XP compatible. It is also ME compatible, I use it all the time with ME. As I recall, version 5.5 had not been released several years ago.

After installation, you can obtain the final update of version 5.5, (5.51042) from here:

click here

  -pops- 16:09 15 Aug 2003

Be awarre that Nero version 6 is available click here

Have a look at that before laying out cash for an obsolescent program.

  leo49 17:47 15 Aug 2003

Considering the actual Burning utility in Nero 6 is little changed, the difference in price of £5 or so for version 5 and £40 for Version 6 is quite a compelling argument.


  -pops- 17:57 15 Aug 2003

I was merely passing on information. It is up to brian132 to make of it what he wishes.

  leo49 18:09 15 Aug 2003


  brian132 19:21 15 Aug 2003

I can buy Nero 5.5 for about £1o from Software Select. That'd a big difference from payong £40 for Nero 6.0. Comments?

  FRANKMAC 19:26 15 Aug 2003

i use win xp and nero 5.5 and have no problems whatsoever - hav'nt wasted a single disc (yet!)

  The Sack 19:31 15 Aug 2003

Nero 5.5 is a polished product, Nero 6 is brand new and full of bugs.

I have used both and went back to 5.5 (on XP)

  minter 19:38 15 Aug 2003

If Nero 5 will do the job you want then I would buy that version. After all thousands of purchasers will testify that is very good.

I am not into DVD so do not know if Nero 5 can cope.

But if all you want to do is copy data, music, pics, etc. then v5 will do it admirably - I have been using it for a couple of years and it does everything I want, and simply too.

The only thing you need to do is update to the latest version, as Anchor states.

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