Win XP luna theme disapeared

  [DELETED] 15:17 22 Dec 2003

I think the problem has to do with my attempt to insatll oracle.

Since then my limited user accounts were disabled and my recycle bin was corrupted.

I managed to fix this by running system restore.

However, my limited user accounts and the guest account can only use the windows classic theme (boring!)

When I am logged in as one of the limited account users I have tried to chose the luna theme from the themes tab. This results in an error message that says that the theme cannot be found. But when I navigate to the location C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes, everything seems to be there.

The strange thing is that on my account (the adminstrator) I still have the Win XP luna theme.

I have tried searching the MS support pages but have not found a solution.

Can anyone help?

  [DELETED] 16:17 22 Dec 2003

It seems to be a bigger problem than just the themes.

My limited users cannot even access the Web via IE v6.

I have tried deleting the limited user accounts and creating new ones.

But this has no effect.

  [DELETED] 16:19 22 Dec 2003

Try running registry mechanic ( and check for any errors in the registry that the program may of caused although the program only repairs the firts 6 sections it may help! :-)

  [DELETED] 16:39 22 Dec 2003

I downloaded it and gave it a try. It found 29 errors and it said it fixed the first 6 like you said it would.

But Im I dont really want to register the product to get the full version as have got that feeling that it won't work.

I might register it later. Just now I'm looking for another way to fix it. i.e. myself and not another program.

  [DELETED] 19:32 22 Dec 2003

One way round this problem is by creating other user accounts with administrator powers.

It is not ideal beacuse if like me you are a control freak then you don't want other family members to accidently destroy your PC. - then again I probably do the most damage!

However the problem still exists for limited accounts (even when I change the type from administrator back to limited).

If anyone has any suggestions I look forward to hearing them.

If not then I will close this discussion soon.

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