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  pj123 17:15 01 Jul 2006

Still on Win 98SE on my (this) computer. Giving Win XP a go but using my partners computer.

USB. I always thought that USB was "hot plugging". On my Win 98SE I can plug and unplug any USB device with no problem.

On my partners PC (Win XP) although I can plug in a USB device I have to get permission to unplug it??? But I don't understand why.

Is that a retrograde step?

What happened to "hot plugging"?

  Strawballs 17:18 01 Jul 2006

We use Win 2000 at work and it is the same , maybee it is a NTFS thing

  Haol 17:21 01 Jul 2006

It's just a safety thing so that you don't damage the USB. It stops is from being in use.

  pj123 17:29 01 Jul 2006

Strawballs, possibly. But NTFS stands for New Technology File System. Which I assume is better than FAT32?

I plugged a Flash Drive in to transfer some files from my computer to the XP computer and when I finished I just unplugged the Flash Drive and got my wrist slapped. I got a message saying I shouldn't have unplugged it until I was told to do so. Seems to defeat the object of "hot plugging" to me.

  pj123 17:31 01 Jul 2006

Haol, it doesn't seem to damage it using Win 98SE?

  Jackcoms 19:59 01 Jul 2006

Win XP does support hot plugging for USB devices.

Where do you have to get 'permission' from to unplug?

Where is this message appearing from that you refer to?

  Taw® 20:03 01 Jul 2006

I plug and unplug USB all the time without it looking for permission so there must be a setting somwhere, though sorry I don'tknow where.

  ed-0 20:13 01 Jul 2006

It is there for drives that can be written to. hard drives, flash drives etc. It's just a safety precaution in case data is been written.

If you know that nothing is been written, just unplug as 98.

  mattyc_92 20:22 01 Jul 2006

You have to click the "Remove Hardware" icon so you can remove your USB drive with a less chance of corrupting data (it will stop all transfers to the drive, so you can SAFELY remove it)

  SG Atlantis® 01:45 02 Jul 2006

Always use the safely remove hardware icon (looks like a gray coloured drive with a big green arrow) in the system tray to stop a device before removing it.

better safe than sorry, it cuts the power to the device.

  GRFT 08:22 02 Jul 2006

Likewise - I plug and unplug flash drives and other USB devices all the time with no complications whatever. The only time a green arrow icon appears is when using the MP3 Player software. The hard drive is NTFS formatted.

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