Win XP - keeps finding new hardware

  Isca Pete 11:00 30 Jul 2004

I have recently installed XP with SP1. Every time I log on I get a message at the taskbar about Hew Hardware being found and that it will not work until a reboot takes place.

This is immediately followed a a message that XP has finished installing new devices and that the computer must be restarted for them to work.

Restarting the computer results in the same sequence.

Running the New Hardware Wizard results in none being found.

All hardware installed appears to be working correctly.

Has anyone come across this before

  flyingpeterpan 12:37 30 Jul 2004

You may try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver again and it will do the trick, computer is a strange thing sometimes.

  plsndrs3 12:53 30 Jul 2004

What 'new' hardware is XP finding each time?


  Chegs ® 15:26 30 Jul 2004

I get this with my scanner,I gave up fighting XP and only plug it in when I'm going to use it.I also ceased restarting the PC,the hardware still works without it.

  squareye 18:37 30 Jul 2004

I have a similar thing where I get 2 new found hardware wizards as soon as I boot up, they want to install more printers for me. This is an an acknowledged bug, complete with a cure from Microsoft that doesnt work.It would appear that as long as these things dont interfere with normal operations, then we have to put up with them. I wish Microsoft would make this sort of thing fixable or better fix it, before giving us cute puppy search assistants etc (I drowned mine )

  Irishman 18:43 30 Jul 2004

Had the same problem every time I tried to ghost over my XP installation onto two new Maxtor drives. The drives were seen in Device Manager ok but the Hardware message would come up on every reboot. Only cure I found was to do a complete new installation of XP.

  gold 47 19:04 30 Jul 2004

Have you added anything new? have you checked Device manager and your USB connections some hardware like scanners and printers you have to put the drivers in then you reboot and plug the hardware in.

  Isca Pete 19:34 30 Jul 2004

Thanks for all your responses.

I do not know the hardware that XP is trying to install since the Add Hardware Wizard is not actually appearing, just the messages to reboot.

After checking the MS Knowledge Base I did try the printer fix but that did not work. I have also tried reinstalling all the hardware that I can think off. I have checked Device Manager and this is not showing any problems.

I suspect that the next stage will be to reinstall XP but I'm not that desperate yet, after all this is not causing me problems other than the being an annoyance.

  Isca Pete 21:26 11 Aug 2004

The problem was being caused by the GoBack utility supplied with Norton System Works. I had to uninstall GoBack when I was trying to diagnose a problem with Partition Magic. As soon as I did the problem went away and has not returned even though GoBack has been reinstalled.

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