Win XP Install Pro Problem

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ok have major problem with my desktop for some strange reason while i was using my pc strange errors started to happen so just thinking that it need a reboot i rebooted the system as it rebooted but stopped and rebooted windows then told me that it failed to load so i choose normal it did a scan and a found a problem and removed the file this is were my problem started

i had to reboot and then told me a file with in the system folder was missing and i need to repair it i tryed this but it to found errors so refused to load so i tryed to do a repair this failed so deleted partiton and formated now i'm getting this error STOP: c0000221 UNKNOWN ERROR \SYSTEMROOT\SYSTEM32\NTDLL.DLL


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  [DELETED] 00:07 01 Sep 2003

thanks to be honest if it a hardware fault i dont have a clue what it could be i only have a network card and a graphics card everthing else is on board

  [DELETED] 00:10 01 Sep 2003

If you did a full reformat then it is unlikely to be a virus.

Can you boot into safe mode? Getting that far probably means that Windows is all OK, but a program you've put on after loading windows is at fault.

Have you been using the XP CD to reformat etc? You could try formatting with a modified boot disk that will work for XP from click here. You'll have to FDisk, to delete and create a new partition, then Format to FAT32. Then put the XP CD in and it should run setup from there.

*You will lose all data on the drive*

  [DELETED] 07:40 01 Sep 2003

not worried about lossing data all i want is the pc back up and running dont know if this is any thing but just created a 10gb partition scans it and keeps finding problems any ideas please

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