Win XP Home V Pro.

  poogles_uk 07:17 24 Dec 2003

Is Prof. better than home? I know it has more features and more secure, but is it worth me spending the extra £30 or so too buy the OEM version of Win XP Pro, rather than home?

  Jester2K 07:23 24 Dec 2003

What will you be using it for?

  Jester2K 07:24 24 Dec 2003
  Mysticnas 09:16 24 Dec 2003

believe it is worth the extra £30... you're getting a whole host of feature that i believe are worth more than £30 extra.

  Mysticnas 09:18 24 Dec 2003

software that needs to run on the pro version, so i have no choice, but if i did i'd always go for the pro version anyway.

  poogles_uk 19:25 24 Dec 2003

How much better are they than Me + 2000?
I know XP is based on 2000 etc.

  Jester2K 19:27 24 Dec 2003

Much much better than Win Me....

  poogles_uk 19:28 24 Dec 2003

If i buy it OEM, i just miss the crappy boxing yes?

  Mysticnas 02:14 25 Dec 2003

and the support...

but hey... were you actually going to email or phone MS if it went pear shaped?

  Stuartli 10:14 25 Dec 2003

been asked recently:

click here

  poogles_uk 20:34 29 Dec 2003

probably email, it saves long expensive phone calls

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