win xp home and product key

  ollie < one> 01:14 14 Jul 2004

i have seen on an auction site that some one is selling winxp home for £20,00 the catch no product/activation key how does one go about obtaining a product key to activate the disk to install on the computer

  johnnyrocker 01:16 14 Jul 2004

it is not advisable to ask that sort of question here you need to go look for more iffy sites.


  Djohn 01:27 14 Jul 2004

is to purchase one. The CD is just a piece of plastic with data stamped on it, the Product key gives you the right to access the CD and activate it on your PC. Without the correct key the program will not activate with Microsoft. Not legally anyway.

  Cook2 01:45 14 Jul 2004

Leave well alone and save your £20 towards a genuine one, complete with product key and any backup you may need at a later date. I was caught out buying a half price XP Pro. and ended up paying the full price for XP Home. As I said, leave well alone.

  ollie < one> 03:01 14 Jul 2004

these are genuine disks they were bought from a corprate auction all sealed not knowing but can i buy a product key from microsoft to activate the disk its a genuine question as i do not know

  Djohn 03:39 14 Jul 2004

Give Microsoft a phone call on 0870 60 10 100 ask for customer service, explain as you have to us, they will tell you if this is a legal sale or not.

Don't worry about calling them they are very pleasant to speak with and will advise you far better than we can.

Regards. j.

  IT GOD 11:41 18 Jul 2004

I recently had a similar problem to yourself and after short investigation there is a piece of free downloadable software which will give the product key off all microsoft software :-

I have unfortuneately forgotten the exact site address however the software of "KEYFINDER" IT DOWNLOADS VERY QUICKLY AND GIVES REMARKABLY ACCURATE RESULTS!

  Eric10 12:04 18 Jul 2004

Keyfinder is indeed a very good program but it can only give the product key for your currently installed Windows. It can't help in this case. Follow the good advice given by Djohn. These may be genuine CDs but they are worth nothing without the product key. If you are thinking of upgrading any of your equipment to run WinXP Home then OEM CDs can legally be purchased for less than £60.00 from a number of sources when you buy a major component such as a motherboard, CPU, or Hard drive.

  cga 12:08 18 Jul 2004

The CD's are bulk produced and have no licence key within them (only a checksum algorithm to ensure a licence key is valid).
Owning the CD does not give you a licence to install - this comes from owning the key.

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