Win Xp Home Cd lost :(

  [DELETED] 20:12 03 Aug 2003

My friend has a computer with win xp home on it but it is corrupt! there are bare errors blah blah blah. So we formated the hard disk!! he went to get the cd hmm he can't find it!!! but wait i just found out that there may have been a back up of the OS on the harddisk! but we formatted it :( !! Is there anything we can do? can you download win xp home somewhere ? we have the fully licenced key so it legal. HeLp ?? Thanks Andy

  [DELETED] 20:19 03 Aug 2003

Time to start searching for that disk.

If you could find a download of Windows on the internet it would certainly be a "cracked" copy thast would not work properly and could contain nasties.

As you say that you have the Key, is this a label on the machine. If so it probably didn't come with a full Windows disk but a recovery disk. Can you find that?

  [DELETED] 20:20 03 Aug 2003

Can you imagine how long a download of the size of XP would take?

Assuming your story is true, you should be able to load any borrowed copy of XP Home and use your previous product key. If your story is not true and you are trying to fiddle M$ out of whatever, then your come uppance with become apparent when you have to activate the product.

I must make the comment that it is amazingly careless of your friend to lose something of such importance.

  powerless 20:20 03 Aug 2003

Contact the manufacturer of the PC.

  graham√ 20:34 03 Aug 2003

What happens when you switch on the PC? Does it ask for a CD, or give any other options?

  [DELETED] 21:47 03 Aug 2003

Cheers guys, I just found out my uncle has just bought a new comp it has xp home so I can use that cd and ma m8's Legal cd key, ain't no fiddle, and should have it fixed ASAP :) what happened is his bin next to computer so he think cd slipped of desk into bin not realised. And yeh he was probably drunk as well that night hmmmmm beer :) and I am going to contact the manufacture as well see if I can get a replacement but their site is down :( Thanks alot

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