Bonzy 10:46 06 Jul 2004

Hello folks. A Win XP Home pc has failed to start this morning. Instead of WinXP(h) home starting, there comes on the monitor a blue background with a message that the OS has been shut down/prevented from starting in order to protect the pc from damage. Then the next line is as follows:

I don't know what this means.

I got to the starup menu, but it wouldnt start in safe mode. It wouldnt even startup using the last known good configuration. I actually wanted to do a system restore in safe mode but no go!
How do I get round this nasty problem?
Thanx in advance.

  Bonzy 12:46 12 Jul 2004

Hello VoG, thanks for your help. Yes, I wentto the Microsoft article regarding my problem.
The error message is as ff:

STOP 0x000000ED (0xaaaaaaaa,0xbbbbbbbb,0xcccccccc,

where aaaaaaaa,bbbbbbbb,cccccccc,dddddddd are hexadecimal numbers that may vary.
The same article states that "If the second parameter (0xbbbbbbbb) of the stop error is 0xC0000032, then the file system is damaged", and then gave the fix for it. So,
I went to the pc in question and read in the message displayed the following:

Technical information:
STOP: 0x000000ED(0x82B6EBB8,0XC0000015,0X00000000,
This means the second parameter is 0xC0000015.
Can you help me find oud what this parameter means and what the fix is? Thanx in advance.

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