Win XP Home - Another installation?

  Kefty 09:53 04 Mar 2003


Anyone know whether I can install my Win XP CD onto a seperate older Win98 machine? Am I allowed to do this? ie Will it let me, as the Windows activation thing pops up wont it?


  dth 09:57 04 Mar 2003

You won't be able to activate the second copy - although you can put it on the old P/C and use it for up to 30 days.

  Kefty 10:08 04 Mar 2003

I think this is a rip off. I have paid for the license, why can't I use the OS on another machine?

  mikef™ 10:16 04 Mar 2003

Because the license is for use on one machine.

  dth 10:29 04 Mar 2003

I am not a big fan of activation either.

The thinking behind it is that when you buy the Win XP disc you are buying two things:-

1) the CD
2) a licence to use the o/s on one P/C

That has always been the case (with previous versions of Windows) but many people have been happy to put the O/S on many P/Cs. The product activation feature is to make it more difficult to do this in the future.

At the end of the day it is up to the product maker to decide what features are included and if we (as the public) don't like it - we can take our money elsewhere and use a different product instead (for example something like Linux).

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