Win XP has built in spam?!?!

  hopeless1 21:53 05 Jul 2003

Recently I upgraded to Windows XP pro. While Im online I get a popup in a window called Messenger Service at random intervals all explaining that Windows XP has a built in flaw which allows spam like this, and a link to a program to stop the spam. Each one is different, but they all direct you to a similar program which is basically the same. Unfortunatley, this program is not freeware, and I only ever recieve spam popups for blocking it.

This is not a major prblem while browsing, but i regularly play online multiplayer games and these popups throw me out of the game - which as you can guess is very annoying!

The programs would probably be a resource hog and only edit a single line of registry and still allow messages from their company.

Does anyone have any suggestions, other than download one of these programs?

  powerless 21:55 05 Jul 2003

No Win XP does not have spam built in. The windows Messenger service is a legit "thing". Except that people can exploit it use...

To stop it from happening click here or click here(from Mr VoG)

  mikef. 22:22 05 Jul 2003

These are scareware pop ups, which usually lead you to overpriced unnecessary software, do as Powerless suggests to kill the pop ups.

  The Sack 00:11 06 Jul 2003

it does have built in spyware though, do a clean install with nothing other than Adaware and remove the Alexia bit of IE6

  powerless 00:15 06 Jul 2003

Hardly spyware. Just the links section.

  Mastermind 02:00 06 Jul 2003

Don't some programs use the Windows Messenger service legitimately? Won't disabling it cause any other problems?

  Djohn 02:06 06 Jul 2003

No problems at all! It will rid you of the annoying pop-up messages that you tend to get with it running. I would think that 95% of users have turened this off, if not more! j.

  hugh-265156 02:10 06 Jul 2003

as Djohn most users do not need this.disable not get confused between windows messenger and messenger service.

they are two different things.

  Djohn 02:11 06 Jul 2003

Windows messenger service is not the same program as Windows "Instant messenger". As powerless says read the links above provided by Vog. Regards. j.

  Djohn 02:12 06 Jul 2003

My slow typing again! :o(

  powerless 02:18 06 Jul 2003

Messenger Service - "Transmits net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers. This service is not related to Windows Messenger. If this service is stopped, Alerter messages will not be transmitted. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start."

Alerter Service - "Notifies selected users and computers of administrative alerts. If the service is stopped, programs that use administrative alerts will not receive them. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start."

It is used on networks.

I'm not on one so i have no use for it. I have no programs that i'm aware use this service (i do no think there are any). My computer runs fine with it disabled.

Windows Messenger - Is the facny chat program.

Messenger Service - Is the simple and dull and not needed service for the home user. If you are on a home network it would be quicker to shout to the user of a computer then type a net send message to the other computer using the Messenger service.

Messenger service has a use in a network enviroment but people have found a way to send the messages to the home user.

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