win xp fat 32???? or NTFS

  hubdean 01:37 31 Aug 2004

can someone tell me if win xp is formated in fat32 or ntfs ??

  dez fowler 01:42 31 Aug 2004

Depends on what you select when you install it. To find out what yours is installed as go to my computer, right-click on the hard disk where windows is installed (usually C drive) and click properties.

Under file system it will say FAT32 or NTFS.

Incidentally when you install it you should always use NTFS.

  hubdean 01:50 31 Aug 2004

yes my computeris ntfs thank you
some one told me it should be fat32 can u tell me why ntfs ?

  dez fowler 02:23 31 Aug 2004

ntfs is more secure and more efficient on larger disks than fat32

  AndySD 07:04 31 Aug 2004

ntfs (new technology file system) Windows XP was designed to intigrate both Windows buisness and home operating systems. For security XP was designed to use the nt file system. You can still run it on the old fat32 file system if that is your wish but it is not the recomended file system.

  hubdean 12:42 31 Aug 2004


  cga 12:57 31 Aug 2004

Just to add some balance in. NTFS is better in most and should be used unless there is some specific reason why not.

There are some special applications that needs a backwards compatible FAT32 partition (e.g. Norton GHOST needs a FAT32 partition for it's image dumps). Unless you have one of these special cases then NTFS it the solution.

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