Win XP Dosen't show contents of CD Rom

  [DELETED] 21:35 07 Oct 2003

Hi All,
I've Win XP Home installed, and when i put a CD Rom in the drive it shows up in explorer, but the contents of the CD are not shown, all i get is just a White Window. I'm sure this is some kind og XP Bug but can't find any reference to it on the Microsoft Web Site. The same applies to the Floppy drive as well, the contents of the disk are missing, just a White Window ? Anyone ever seen this before ? Regards.

  [DELETED] 21:42 07 Oct 2003

Funny enough I was talking about this exact thing earlier on today. Try right clicking on the offending drive, choose properties and then the driver tab. Click on "Up-date driver" windows will look for and come back with the message "Best driver already being used". Click OK and try your drive again, it should now work.

If the above does not work, remove the driver and reboot. windows will find new hardware and reinstall the driver. j.

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