Win XP and DOS

  GRFT 08:10 04 Mar 2005

How is the at documents created in Word (or Wordpad)do not appear in the appropriate directory in DOS? This means that they aren't available for batch file operations, which is very annoying. I'm using Office97 and there are no reports of compatabilty problems that I can find. In any case the problem remains with Wordpad even when Office is uninstalled. Other programs, such as Access97 and Lotus Organizer are uneffected. I've restored XP to the day it was installed and it seems this has always been the way.

  Graham ® 09:50 04 Mar 2005

Is this any help:

click here

  GRFT 10:33 05 Mar 2005

Thank you, Graham. A very interesting article. I should have mentioned that I still have Win98se installed on an other drive and Office97 works there fine. Wordpad isn't part of Office but that fails too in XP. Everything looks OK in Windows, but batch files I've used for backup since the days of Windows 3.1 don't work because the files created in XP do not exist in DOS. It's not meant to be like this, but short of a re-install of XP I don't know what to try next.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 05 Mar 2005

Is you hard drive formatted to FAT32 or NTFS?

DOS cannot see files stored under NTFS.

Am assuming you mean DOS 6.2 XP's DOS is vastly different hence the compatibility problems with old games.

Now there's a thought tried running office under compatibility with windows 98?

  GRFT 14:58 05 Mar 2005

That surely must be it. The drive is NTFS, but... it's only Word and Wordpad that there's a problem with. Access97 and Lotus Organizer files are seen OK. I'll have to delve into XP's version of DOS more deeply, but that is certainly a breakthrough. Thank you very much!

  seedie 17:11 05 Mar 2005

I save Word and Excel files via a dos batch file every Saturday morning without a problem. The thing is that they are saved initially to a folder called 'files' NOT to My documents\seedie's documents\ad nauseum. XP fat32

You may need to modify your PATH to get it to your liking.

Good luck with it,


  GRFT 11:40 06 Mar 2005

Thank you Seedie, I tried that and it works! As you say, file names embedded in long paths seems to be the problem; it explains why Access files were OK because the files are saved direct to c:\access. So now I'll have to rearrange my other folders in this way and also rewrite the batch files, which is no great hassle.
I searched the web trying to find an answer to the problem but found nothing. So thank you very much indeed. But it does seem an odd glitch in what is supposed to be a Windows upgrade. I wonder how many more there are?

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