win xp delete copy bug/virus

  Smokeyone 10:24 08 Apr 2007


Does anyone know where to start to get rid of a delete/copy bug. In pictures everytime I try to delete a picture more copies are made.

Thanks very much

  MAJ 10:38 08 Apr 2007

Do you mean > in the 'My Pictures' folder?

If so, explain exactly what you're doing, how many files your trying to delete at once, how you are trying to delete them and where the copies are appearing.

  Smokeyone 11:49 08 Apr 2007

Yes, in the My Pictures folder. I have tried deleteing several pictures and just one picture, in each case more copies just keep appearing.

  MAJ 11:56 08 Apr 2007

Try creating a new folder on your desktop, Smokeyone. Put one or two pictures (that you want to delete) into that folder. Then go to Edit > Select all, then, go to File > Delete, see if the problem occurs in that folder as well. Don't let the mouse cursor near any of the selected pictures when you are trying this.

  Smokeyone 12:38 08 Apr 2007

Thanks for the help.Tried your suggestion several times and it works fine. Problem does not occur in the new desktop file.
One thought though, the file with the problem is a new one that I had created especially to load pix into from a digi camera !


  MAJ 12:53 08 Apr 2007

Try using the same method as above, (now that you know it works) in the 'My Pictures' folder, Smokeyone, see if the problem re-occurs in that folder, remember to keep the mouse cursor away from the pics you're going to delete. It might be being caused by the new software you installed, but it could also be caused by a sticky mouse button.

  Smokeyone 17:50 08 Apr 2007

I'll give it a go. Thanks again for the help.

  mocha 18:56 08 Apr 2007

Most Digital camera software has an automatic setting that when your digital camera is linked to your computer it will download the picures onto the hard drive, usually in 'My Pictures'. If you are deleting these pictures off the hard drive and then plugging your camera back into the computer then your camera software seeing that those pictures are not in 'My Pictures' folder will automatically put them their again. If this is the case either delete the pictures from your camera as well as the hard drive on your computer or go into preferences in your camera software and state that you will decide which pictures to download off the camera onto your computer.

Hope this helps.

  mocha 19:07 08 Apr 2007

Hi Smokeyone,
You say in one of your posts 'One thought though, the file with the problem is a new one that I had created especially to load pix into from a digi camera !', I think this is a folder that you have created for your pictures and as I said in my last post the camera software is doing it's job and putting pictures into the folder off your camera. If you delete one, if it's on your camera it will put it back onto your computer.

  Smokeyone 05:58 09 Apr 2007


The digi camera was not connected to the pc when I had the problems deleteing some of the pictures. In fact, the problem is still there on the original file but following forum advice I can now delete some of the shots on the new file.

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