Win XP cost?

  MickinPlymouthUK 06:02 04 Apr 2006

I'm currently Win 98 SE but it's showing its age, so shall I go for Win XP next? Or XP Pro?
Do I have to pay for it or just upgrade W98 to it in some way at a reduced cost?
Either way, about how much cash will I have to fork out?

  Zaphod 3 07:10 04 Apr 2006

Try here

click here

or here

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 08:35 04 Apr 2006

If win98 is showing its age, so too may your hardware. Post your specification here and someone may be able to offer some advice on the best upgrade path for you.

  Andsome 08:38 04 Apr 2006

Most of the problems that I have seen on forum help pages regarding XP, come as a result of an upgrade. Far better to wait until you can buy a dedicated XP computer. Even if on paper the old computer appears to be compatible, I reckon you are better to wait.

  Belatucadrus 11:13 04 Apr 2006

I think the best way of reviving any W9X generation PCs is to reformat with the original OS. While it may have been showing its age with 98, install or upgrade to XP and in most cases the XP system requirements click here exceed what's available and if it works at all it's ponderous in the extreme. Upgrading the system to the point where it'll work usually isn't cost effective. By the time you've paid for XP and the extra RAM ( Which will be ridiculously expensive unless you get second hand ) You may as well buy a new system.

If the loss of Microsoft support seems a problem, the simplest plug for the main security holes is not to install IE and Media player, go for one of the supported options like Firefox click here and Jetaudio click here

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