Win Xp auto log off and Dell Infrared driver

  Seadog 23:25 11 Feb 2004

First of all I am now running winXp on both my desktop and laptop computers, is there a way to change the time that win Xp "logs you out" after an idle period? I seem to be forever coming back to a blank screen and having to log on again - and this takes ages on the laptop as it winds itself up and loads all my settings/programs in! The answer may be simple but I have only been using Xp for a couple of weeks and am still finding my way around it.

The second question involves my laptop, a Dell Inspiron 8000, about 30 months old, and since putting Xp on I cannot use my Nokis PC Suite for my mobile phone, the problem appears to be the infrared driver, I can't find one for the Inspiron 8000 and Xp, only Me and 2000. Can any one suggest anything please?

  smegs 23:32 11 Feb 2004

Seadog, I'm not saying this is right. Go into Control Panel, click display tab, click the screen saver tab, goto monitor advance button, click never in all the boxes.

  hugh-265156 23:41 11 Feb 2004

as above go to control panel/display/screen saver and set to "none" or select the one you want and click settings and adjust the time untill it kicks in.

also check control panel/power options/power schemes and set turn off monitor/hdd/standby etc to your liking.

  hugh-265156 23:42 11 Feb 2004

above is incorrect sorry.

select the one you want and and adjust the "wait" time.

  Seadog 23:56 11 Feb 2004

I have done all the above suggestions but both laptop and desktop still log me out to the "user" screen after so long. The power options are all set to "never" and the screen saver (win Xp) set to 10 mins, however, what does the "on resume display welcome screen" tick box do? I don't have hibernate activated either!

  Seadog 23:58 11 Feb 2004

By "after so long" I mean several minutes after the screen saver has been running.

  hugh-265156 00:09 12 Feb 2004

click the ? and then click the on resume display welcome screen box and it will explain.

means if you have a password set it will,on moving the mouse through you back to the logon screen where you have to enter a password if set.

"after so long".as you have set to kick in after 10 mins of inactivity then is this not what is happening?

  hugh-265156 00:10 12 Feb 2004

or even if you have no password set it still throughs you back to the logon screen.just click.

  Seadog 00:11 12 Feb 2004

Hang on, I appear to be getting confused here, I have just sat and watched my laptop and the screen saver was running, when I moved the mouse, the welcome or log on screen as I call it appeared. I now understand how it works I think.

That solved, has anyone got any ideas about where I can get a driver for my laptop infrared?

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