Win XP Activation

  dmertl 15:25 03 Mar 2005

I want to build a new pc but i.e. new motherboard, cpu, HDD etc. On my current PC I have XP pro which has been activated. When I build my new PC will I still be able to use the XP Pro that I activated on my old PC?

  mattyc_92 15:27 03 Mar 2005

Yes... But you have to phone up the "activation line" to activate it

You also need to format the old system....

  ventanas 15:29 03 Mar 2005

Depends, is the existing installation OEM (supplied with the computer) If so, no you can't.

If its a full retail version you can, providing you uninstall it from your existing PC first.

Any problems ring Microsoft and tell them you wish to transfer the licence. It will not work on two pc's

If you want to have XP on both machines then you must go out and buy another copy.

  dmertl 15:46 03 Mar 2005

I have XP Pro Student upgrade(Retail) from XP Home(OEM) & how do you uninstall XP from your system?

  ventanas 16:09 03 Mar 2005

By formatting the hard drive, but you cannot use this XP setup on another machine. The original disc is OEM and is tied to the machine it came with.

You can format and reinstall the OEM version of Home on the old machine. But you will need another qualifying CD to install the retail Pro upgrade on the new PC. You don't have an old copy of Win98 lying around do you? If not you can search the web, it is still available from various sources, but must be retail, not OEM, and should be cheap.

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  dmertl 16:17 03 Mar 2005

Ok, would i be able to use my existing HDD with XP already on it and attach it to a new motherboard and CPU? I currently have a P4 motherboard and want to upgrade and use AMD 64 Athlon.

  ventanas 16:28 03 Mar 2005

You can try, but there is a good chance it will fail. OEM versions of XP are sometimes tied to the bios, this will change with a new m/b. Also you will probably have the wrong m/b drivers installed on the hard drive. Probably asking for trouble.

Also OEM licences are specifically tied to the motherboard (not the whole machine) changing this severs the licence.

I know it's expensive to buy another copy of XP, but that's how it is I'm afraid. The cheapest and surest way is to get hold of a copy of Win98 and use this to verify your upgrade CD.

  igr 20:32 03 Mar 2005

That's not my experience. Bought OEM copy of XP and loaded it on to my existing machines on formatted HDD. XP loaded and activated via online activation. A few days later I had to replace the m/b and had to reformat the HDD. XP loaded again but I had to ring Microsoft activation and explain the prob. They reactivated the software for a new motherboard with no problem at all.

  Kalb 20:55 03 Mar 2005

I installed a new mobo,cpu & memory under the old hard drive with XP, using the old graphics card,modem & even the old hauppage TV card.It was WinXP HOme OEM.

At first boot WinXP reports significant change to the system since it was last used !!

It detects new hardware but each time cancel,cancel,cancel the installation until you reach the desktop. At this point insert your new mobo CD for installation of the drivers.

At some point you will have to allow WinXp to restart whereupon it goes into re-activation mode & you cannot load WinXP until re-activated

NO problem.... you will be faced with a series of six figure codes as your ID which you read out to the Microsoft automated system on 0870 6010100 and in return the automated system gives you a series of six figure numbers back to put into your computer and bingo you're re-activated

  wadham 10:27 08 Apr 2005

I have just built a new PC & have just phoned MS who told me I can use my old H/D with XP on it on the new PC. They asked me to run through my XP product code before they said it was OK

  JayDay 10:34 08 Apr 2005

I have changed motherboards, HDD, CD, DVD drives, Graphics Cards numerous times and completed several reformats and each time I have activated on-line with no problems.

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