WIN XP Accounts access

  Rhuddlan 16:08 05 Jun 2004

A friend of mine has 6 windows acounts, and all but 1 appear in the docs and settings folder in the hard disk, her kids have various files on the comp and she doesn't know there password, so in order in gain access to their accounts without them knowing to see what they have stored, she wants to know how she can view all of the windows xp accounts in docs and settings, can anyone help? hope I have explained that clearly enough, regards, Rhuddlan.

  PSF 16:39 05 Jun 2004

All administrators can look at all the files, unless someone has hidden them and password protected the files.

I have three users on my pc, I copied all the files from addresses, internet 'favs' docs, outlook messages etc from each user the other day to back them up.

  PSF 16:59 05 Jun 2004

Forgot to put path to find the files. Go to c: Documents and Settings>> the 'users' name, from there you can access all the info needed from each user.

  Rhuddlan 11:18 06 Jun 2004

Thanks for that, but there is just 1 account that can't be accessed through docs and settings, it's not in the docs and settings folder, it isn't hidden, any ideas?

  PSF 14:34 06 Jun 2004

Is the other account a known user or is it the ASP.NET account? You may also have a guest account active.

If it is the ASP.NET account it can be ignored. It is something to do with the Microsoft .net???

If you are desperate to get into the account you could remove and change the password. That is a last option as they would soon find they are locked out of their user.

  Rhuddlan 23:47 06 Jun 2004

The account is a known user, it is not a ASP.NET account, thanks for the help, Rhuddlan.

  ste_bla 10:04 07 Jun 2004

create a password reset disk in the via CONTROL PANNEL > USERS and reset the passwords thats what i did as my partner couldnt remember her password..

hope that helps

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