Win XP, 98SE and NT 4.0

  Noleg24 13:31 17 Sep 2004

I have two HDD. one 80GB and one 40GB. the 80GB has XP and is also partitioned so I have one half for back up which is where I store all my music and other important stuff. the 40GB has been partitioned with 95% of the drive being used by 98SE and the 5% being used by NT 4.0. the thing is I have had the NT 4.0 CD for 6yrs but this is the first time I have ever installed it. and I realised its actually NT 4.0 Server rather than Workstation. After successfully installing 98SE and then NT 4.0 I can boot into 98 but cant get into NT 40.0 the main blue screen shows a whole load files and numbers. Now before you ask I installed both 98 and NT 4.0 with the 80GB HDD unplugged cos it was conflicting with the XP root drive (basically they were both trying to install on the 80GB HDD!) so after they were installed I went into 98 and all is ok but when I go into NT the errors come up. I dont know whats causing it and why this is happening. I have tried making the 40GB drive the boot drive but this does not work...any other suggestion? preferably from someone who has done the same thing...thank you.

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