Win TV GO card in need of a good home

  Pesala 19:01 04 Feb 2003

I have a Win TV GO PCI television tuner card. Complete with installation CD and quickstart guide, but not the original packaging.

I have no time to watch TV, and now that I have broadband I can catch up on the news whenever I want.

First decent offer of a donation to the Mercy Mission click here and I will mail the card to you in a Jiffy. (UK only)

  ellas 19:20 04 Feb 2003

good luck tried to get rid of mine after I upgraded to xp as it kept crashing,by the way with b/b you can watch win tv in a tiny box in the lefthand corner.

  graham 19:51 04 Feb 2003

but sorry, from my experience putting a tv card in a computer is a risky business.

  Pesala 19:58 04 Feb 2003

Having a heart operation as a baby is risky too.

One of the surgeons who went out to Sri Lanka died from an accident while swimming. Life is full of risks.

The TV card worked fine in my PC, but reception was poor on some channels from the indoor aerial. I tried the "aerial" coming through the wall, but that was even worse.

It was only when I had NTL Home broadband installed that I realised why the reception was so bad!

  Pesala 22:47 04 Feb 2003

The surgeon did not die, but only broke his neck, I remembered the facts wrongly.

Mr Austin had greatly enjoyed surfing in Sri Lanka on several occasions over the past 15 years and was keen to avail of the opportunity. Unfortunately, a rogue wave knocked him off the top of a wave and he struck his head on the sandy bottom. He sustained a fractured neck. He was transferred back to the Asha Central Hospital for a CT scan of his neck and initial emergency treatment.

  Pesala 22:08 07 Feb 2003


  Pauper 23:23 07 Feb 2003

Persala, in the absence of any other offers I will start the bidding. You do not mention a reserve price so how about a start at £10 and lets see if this will generate any other offers. If any one has an issue with win tv cards and xp, I have both running together with no issues, the same card also functioned correctly under 98SE. Also for donations the bank account info is given here click here

  Pesala 23:27 07 Feb 2003

I note your response, but it is past my bedtime. I'll check back tommorrow. Good night all.

  1st RHA 00:07 08 Feb 2003

got power cinema running on monitor 1 17"crt with 6.1 surround and on here with broadband on 17" lcd, no tv's not dead just under utilised, ain't life grand!!!

any worthwhile charity is a good cause, good luck.

  Pesala 10:47 08 Feb 2003

Now that is what I call wide-screen TV! (*.*)

  grove34 11:48 08 Feb 2003

whats the latest bid on this then

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