Win M.E.e boot problem, vga or motherboard

  martin1976 18:12 22 Jan 2004

hello i have a pc that is running Millenium edition, and it wont boot. I initilally thought this was a problem with the graphics as there was literally nothing happening on the screen no bios load, just a blank screen. I noticed that there is both on board graphics and a pci graphics card, i have tried both of these with the monitor but the same thing, nothing happens no cmos startup, i am now begining to think this is the motherboard as there used to be a beep when i booted and i dont even get this.this would cause both on board graphics and vga card to not work i think. is there anything i can do to nail the problem and definately say for sure what it is. would it even be no power going to the motherboard,how can i check this- the hard drive has power to it and the cu fan spins up, anyone anyideas,
thanks in advance

  MidgetMan 18:21 22 Jan 2004

Hmm, you have already started the fault finding process-- power to the hardrive and the cpu fan spins, so we can discount the psu.

Is the moniter powered via the pc or from the mains? is the power light on the moniter on? if not check the fuse.

I am certain it is not to do with graphics cards, as you mention no beep on startup. also unlikely to the mainboard gone. Have you been "fiddling" inside the case and dislodged a lead etc??

Have you changed the memory and not seated it correctly?

Try the above and post back

  martin1976 18:58 22 Jan 2004

cheers for reply....
monitor has independent power supply and working with other pc. ahvent changed rambut it is seated fine in dimm slots and all cables appear to be fitted all right in motherboard etc. what does no beep on startup mean? that why i thought it was to do with motherboard.

  martin1976 19:57 22 Jan 2004


  MidgetMan 20:45 22 Jan 2004

Sorry for delay, having probs of my own!!! what mobo?? what new memory? is it the right type?

  martin1976 21:37 22 Jan 2004

hi there,
there has been no new memory installed and ithe motherboard appears to be microstar 6340. at least this is the omly legible writing on it.

  martin1976 22:11 22 Jan 2004


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