Win media & Real player video probs

  User-637845DF-0B9F-46E2-90B7AABEC7262D6D 21:48 01 Oct 2004

Both win media 9 and Real player 9 only play a few seconds of video media before screen goes black. Audio continues with no probs. Wmp was the first player to do it so I down loaded Real player and files would play, but now Real player is doing exactly the same thing?? Have disabled my zone alarm pro firewall and panda anti virus but both still will not play video. Have downloaded all codecs I can find with no luck.

Would appreciate any help.

cheers. R

  Night Ryder 22:06 01 Oct 2004

Only thing that springs to mind. Do you have the latest version of your graphics card drivers installed?

  Night Ryder 22:07 01 Oct 2004

Also check you have the latest version of "DirectX"

Big Thankyou, NightRyder.

Turns out it was Directx....

happpy days!

Cheers R.

  Night Ryder 01:18 02 Oct 2004

No problem. You are very welcome.

  david.h 11:38 02 Oct 2004

how you the latest version, 10.5 was the latest update which apparently closed critical flaws to prevent hackers accesss to the pc online.

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