Win Media Player Problems

  Viv-208691 15:43 15 Jun 2004

Hi there, I'm having real problems with my Windows Media Player. I only play songs on it but they are all messed up in that some of the songs on media player no longer exist on my pc and media player is searhing for songs in files that dont exist and thus cant be found. This was due to a mix up in files when my friend tried to 'share' my music. I now have ALL my music in my 'my music' file, how can i make media player access music from this file only? Do i need to reinstall it??

please help me!

Kind regards

  matt1234 15:59 15 Jun 2004

ok i cant exactly remember how to do it as im at school and they dont have mediaplayer

go to its settings and somewhere it should have copy music to ............ put in where your music is kept

or go to where the music is now and click on them it might refresh media where it is!

you might have to delet all your music and recopy it!

  rookie 1604 14:06 16 Jun 2004

go to My Music files' highlight all the songs, right click your highlighted songs and click add to playlist, click playlist 1 then click ok, now you are in w m player click copy to cd or device, click edit list, now this is where you will find your songs in your media player library.
click tools, click options, click copy music, confirm that your location for your copied music is C:\documents and settings\username\my documents\my music.
now everytime you copy music it will go from my music to your media player library.

good luck

  Viv-208691 14:20 16 Jun 2004

thanks guys, its all sorted now, you have all helped me very much!

Many thanks!

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