Win media player 9

  SSC 15:32 21 Jan 2004

Hi All,

Just gone to use Windows Media Player 9 and I get the following error message in a pop up window - The file wmp.dll has a version number but was expected. Windows media player is not properly installed.

It then offers a choise of a reinstall from the MS web site. I downloaded the file, installed without any problem BUT when I try wmp9 again I get the same message.

Any suggestions anyone.

  MichelleC 15:56 21 Jan 2004

Try updating via WMP update, in Help (check for player updates).

  tafoody 16:21 21 Jan 2004

WMP is the win98/ME version.

WMP is the XP version.

which OS are you using?

looks like you're downloading the wrong version.

  SSC 17:49 21 Jan 2004

MichelleC - can't even get WMP to start so can't get update that way. I have tried normal updates but it says I already downleaded.

Tafoody - Thanks, that interesting. I am using XP and it WMP was working fine. Haven't used it for a few days. The only changes I have made to the system is a new video driver. Don't know why its stopped working or why I appear to have Win98/ME version. XP was a new install on a new computer (a year old).

If I can unistall it I will have a rummage for v9 on the MS site. Can't update in the normal way as it is not available as I updated from v8 to v9 when doing other critical updates. v9 worked fine then just stopped.

Thanks for the help so far

  tafoody 18:14 21 Jan 2004

SSC, i dual-boot between XP and ME, so thought id have a look at the corresponding version numbers, although i can't guarantee the XP version hasn't recieved extra updates, and may of began life with an earlier version number?

for the XP version click here (MPsetupXP.exe) about 9MB.

i think your only uninstall option is 'system restore', it may be worth one more reinstall over the top with the MPsetupXP.exe

  SSC 18:15 21 Jan 2004

Some additional info -

The file that I downloaded (as in the first item in the thread)is the correct one MPSetupXP.exe. That v9.

As I said above it installs then come up with the .2980 - .3095 message.The same as before the install

Is there any way to uninstall WMP completely so i can try installing again. Its not in the add/remove list as I presume its integral to XP.

Your frustratedly.........

  gold 47 18:26 21 Jan 2004

WMP9 in my view is a pain WMP8 is far better IT WORKS also you can't uninstall WMP9 unless you have a restore point if you haven't done this you will have todo a full OS reinstall what ever WMP9 is suppose todo better it doesn't or it never did for me but there you go.

  tafoody 21:14 21 Jan 2004

hello again, yep ive looked and was mistaken, the difference in version numbers is just between a fresh installation, and a fully updated WMP9.

as far as i know, you need to find the 'system restore' point created when WMP9 was first installed, if thats been deleted then im not sure how to remove it.

  MichelleC 22:25 21 Jan 2004

It's part of the os and when things go wrong with it in ME and XP the restore is the only answer before a reinstall. You could try a sfc /scannow or a repair 1st click here

  SSC 08:41 22 Jan 2004

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we have gone as far as we can with this so have ticked as resolved. I have done a scannow so it looks like a full repair.

  Stuartli 09:02 22 Jan 2004

Never had any problems with WMP9 in either Windows98SE or XP Pro form.

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