Win Media Player 10 won't find new albums added??

  stugra 20:49 06 Feb 2006

I have added a couple of albums this evening and windows media palyer will not list them in the Album Artist section of the libary. I have tried to search for them to appear but to no avail.

I have pointed the search at the designated folder on my second HDD, and have tried the slow, med & fast searches. Nothing picks them up??

Ta in advance.

  dms05 21:14 06 Feb 2006

I've had a similar problem. The only solution I found was to place the mp3's in exactly the same location as WMP had used itself originally (ie C:/My Music/). If anyone knows a solution I'd appreciate the answer as well!

  ade.h 22:15 06 Feb 2006

What folders have you chose to monitor??

  stugra 11:55 07 Feb 2006

I have designated a single folder on my second hard drive.

I have done some forum searching, and of what I can see there are many glitches like this with WMP.

Can anyone suggest a good audio player as an alternative please? I am looking for a SIMPLE program (to match me) that operates in a windows explorer kind of way - just select the first track of an album and play.

Cheers all.

  stugra 11:59 07 Feb 2006

D:\My Music

  ade.h 15:33 07 Feb 2006

You can't monitor top level folders; WMP does not tend to accept it. In creating D:\My music instead of D:\My Documents\My Music, you have not give WMP a file path that it will be happy with.

You should also make sure that files are added when played, by ticking the appropriate box.

  stugra 16:10 07 Feb 2006

No - that is not the case here as it recognises about 50 other albums in that folder, just not the two I added last night.

I think this is a tag problem - I have retagged the two albums, and now they appear. Before that they were all languishing in the 'unknown' folder.

I will download another new album tonight and see if that appears? Not sure why WMP won't just show any folder of music that I name though?? Why can't I have a folder called 2005 and just play that album - and it appear under the album listings?

  ade.h 16:22 07 Feb 2006

What do you mean by "album"?

Do you mean a ripped copy of a CD album? These get stored in sub-folders (artist, album title). In this case, the artist's name will be added to the "artist" field and the individual tracks will be listed, but you will not see any album names. The "album" field of the library is designed to list albums from the corresponding field of a track's advanced properties.

  ade.h 16:24 07 Feb 2006

Should have added:

When I say "...but you will not see any album names" in reference to ripped CDs, you will of course get the album if the ripped tracks have had that title added to their tag. Their parent folder, the one with the album title, has no influence.

  stugra 19:05 07 Feb 2006

Thanks ade.h

This in particular was individually downloaded mp3 tracks from a music site. I guess the tags for the music were not set up correct - I will try and download them again to see.

  ade.h 19:09 07 Feb 2006

In my experience, many download sites don't fill in all, or even any, of the tag fields. I often have to this myself, including changing the filename and adding the correct genre.

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