Win ME to Win XP

  the golfer 15:56 18 Dec 2004

I am thinking about upgrading from Win ME to Win XP. What would I have to do to save what I have on the computer and to transfer it to the new system. Being a Sen Cit I need a bit of advice. I have a CD writer and am running IE 6.

  MichelleC 17:22 18 Dec 2004

Have you got another partition or hd? If you haven't may be worth hooking up another hd as slave for saving data. If it's an upgrade all data should be saved, but ME isn't the most stable os so there is a high risk factor. This will talk you thro it click here

  the golfer 12:04 19 Dec 2004

What happens to M.E. Please bear with me as a Sen. Cit.

  the golfer 12:07 19 Dec 2004

I should have said it is a "simple" upgrade.

  poprob 23:00 19 Dec 2004

Michelle C,thanks for the info.I have been contemplating doing just the same and as a thicko didn't have the bottle I'm going to give it a g again thanks. Den

  griffon 56 00:22 20 Dec 2004

Hi the golfer,

If you can get hold of it or borrow it from a library the definitive authority for the upgrade you want to do is: 'Microsoft Windows XP - Inside Out' by Ed Bott and Carl Siechert. ISBN 0-7356-1382-6. It's 2 inches thick, weighs a ton and is a grinding read but it's all there, complete with site references from which to download useful stuff. Good luck.

  Rogerfredo 09:20 20 Dec 2004

If you buy the full copy of XP, it is possible to keep ME on your computer and load the new XP system as well. The XP disc will do this for you (provided your hard drive is big enough).
When you start up, you will then be asked which OS you want to use (ME or XP).
Having said this, I would always use XP (unless I had any progs that would only run under ME), so I would copy all files I wanted to save to another partition or drive, and do a "Clean install" of XP.

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