meatlaff2 18:52 25 Apr 2003

Hi all, It's a friends comp. Basically it's same as mine, mem, procesor with win me. Mine starts up in about 50 seconds. His takes an age to start. I can hear the HD searching for something. I've tried the obvious ie; cntlr/alt/del to see whats running (just sys tray and explorer) I've done start/run, type msconfig, to see what starting at start up. have got it down to just "systray". same as mine. Is there another way to find out what's running at start up apart from what i've already tried? Am considering a disc format. Have never done it b4 but have full instructions on how to do it. PS; A friend of mine built the offending comp and I don't know the origin of the hard drive.
With the help of this forum thing, I've managed to sort both sis in laws comp and my own. So any help would be appreciated. Cheers in advance.

  muppetmark 19:09 25 Apr 2003

Antivirus and spyware scan would be my 1st port of call, then go to click here download startup list and compare the starting programs atclick here

  meatlaff2 19:20 25 Apr 2003

He's not connected to internet, but i checked for a virus anyway (as i don't know history of hard drive) could be spyware. thanks anyway

  Terry-238458 20:07 25 Apr 2003

I was having many problems with Win ME, then found a Web site click here
This had loads of tips to improve the system. Cured all my problems.

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