win me usb

  JJE 20:31 25 Nov 2003

Any idea how many devices win me can handle with USB . At present their are 4 permant usb devices connected .If i add another pair of usb ports . Add another permanant USB device making 5 is windows me likely to have problems with IRQs and the like.


  SantasLittleHelper 20:44 25 Nov 2003

Hi JJE, I have 6 USB ports on my comp and 5 USB devices connected with no problems, I am using Windows 98SE. You should have no problems with ME.

the usb standard enables the use of 127 devices all connected to the one controller, in reality that would give you a loss of performance if all the devices are run at once as the data bandwidth is shared. winME is a plug and play OS as is the pci standard, if you add an internal card it will need another irq number(but you will have two controllers so you will be able to have 255 devices) but in this day and age you will find that you have a bus mastering chipset so you neednt worry about it. If you add the extra ports by using a hub connected to the existing USB controller then those ports will be part of the original 127 available and will run on the single IRQ that is used by the present USB controller.

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